Marxism and Struggle: Toward the Millennium

Marxism and Struggle: Toward the Millennium

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Edited By Mary Davis and Marj Mayo

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This collection of essays was first published in 1998 to put Marxist theories of history, politics and economics back into the heart of debates within the British labour movement. Dedicated to the late Peter Hagger, a leading member of the Transport and General Workers Union, a member of the General Council of the TUC and a widely respected Communist, they restate the continuing relevance of Marxism.
Edited by Mary Davis and Marj Mayo; chapters include the late GA Cohen on 'The Roots and Originality of Marx's Thought; 'The End of History and Historical Materialism - a defence of Marxist dialectics' by Professor John Foster; Marxism and Oppression by Mary Davis; Socialism and Democracy' by Marj Mayo; 'Marxism and Imperialism' by TV Sathyamurthy; Kenny Coyle on 'Post-modernism' and a debate between John Hoffman and Bill Bowring on 'post-statist Marxism'.
The legendary British socialist Tony Benn provided the Afterword.
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